BA Sociology

The programme will provide learner with a perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge throughout the course of studies.





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  • The Primary aim of this programme is to understand that how the civilizations and their cultures influenced by the human relationships and the behavior of individuals.
  • Idea is to prepare our learners to understand even the slightest complications of the social world.
  • The programme will help students to understand the behavioral patterns of the individuals and society and shall also help them to widen their vision to look at the world, societies and interpret social institutions.
  • In Short, after the completion of this programme, a learner will have in-depth understanding of human relationships and their behaviors, society and their culture collectively.

Career Prospects


Social work Assistant






Public Relations Officer

Fees Details & Eligibility

  • FEE (Per Sem) : 4000
  • No. of Sems : 6
  • Registration Fee (One Time) : 1000
  • Re-Registration Fee : 600
  • Exam Fee per Semester : 1000
  • Credit Transfer Fee : 2500
  • Eligibility  : Senior Secondary (10+2) pass in any discipline


Course Code Name of Subject Credits Marks
BS101 Fundamental of Sociology 04 100
BS102 Social Institution 04 100
BS103  Contemporary India 04 100
BS104 Foundation Course in English 04 100
Total 16 400
Course Code Name of Subject Credits Marks
BS201 Sociology of India 04 100
BS202 Ageing and Sociology 04 100
BS203 Indian Government & Politics 04 100
BS204 Foundation Course in Hindi 04 100
Total 16 400
Course Code Name of Subject Credits Marks
BS301 Sociology and Research Methods 04 100
BS302 Law and Sociology 04 100
BS303 Public Administration 04 100
BS304 Environmental Studies 04 100
Total 16 400
Course Code Name of Subject Credits Marks
BS401 Rural Development 04 100
BS402 Social Welfare Administration 04 100
BS403 Comparative Government & Politics 04 100
BS404 Foundation Course in IT 04 100
Total 16 400
Course Code Name of Subject Credits Marks
BS501 Health, Medicine and Society 04 100
BS502 Sociological Thinkers 04 100
BS503 Choose from Group A 04 100
BS504 Introduction to Indian Political & Social Economic Studies 04 100
Total 16 400
Course Code Name of Subject Credits Marks
BS601 Sociological problem in India 04 100
BS602 Choose from Group A 04 100
BS603 Choose from Group B 04 100
BS604 Project Based on Social Work 04 100
Total 16 400

Specialization (Elective any one of the following group)

Group A
1 Gandhi and the contemporary world 2 International Relation 3 Understanding Ambedakar
Group B
1 Conflict and Peace Resolution 2 Women Power & Politics 3 Human Rights in Comparative Perspective

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“Lingaya's provides students a policy of discipline, motivation and an opportunity to devote time to extra-curricular and various other development activities.”

Taniya Sharma

“It is a great University and I wish the best of future to the University and its teachers, and would definitely like to be associated with it for the rest of my life.”

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“Lingaya's helped me in gaining experience at both social and professional levels. I still love this place and respect those who helped me to gain such a position in the industry”

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