Your Experience Matters To Us!

Our various management programs enable you to advance your career by helping you up-skill yourself and become the leader you want to be. Live lectures and their recordings are available on our app, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere. There are several other features like digital library, discussion forum, etc. that ensure a meaning learning experience for you.

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The Instructional methodology of LV-SODL programmes consists of four components as follows:-

Self-Learning Material (SLM)

A high-quality instructional manual in the form of self-learning materials (SLM) is provided in each programme of studies has been the backbone of Lingayas Vidyapeeth education system. The content is written is such a simple language that learner doesn’t need and instructor for explanation. A continuous efforts and investments are being put in by Lingayas Vidyapeeth in developing academic strategies, revising and making learning materials more and more student’s friendly.

Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA)

CIA is asystematic process of monitoring the learner’s progress by gathering the information using multiple sources like Personal Contact Programmes, Assignment Work. It is necessary for learners to attend and perform well in these activities as each activity collectively forms a weightage of marks other than the term end examination.

Personal Contact Programmes

The basic purpose of PCP is to deliver a class room learning and interaction to learners with the faculty members and with the other learners enrolled in the similar or other programme of studies.PCPs essentially are a doubt-clearing sessions under distance learning. PCPs are very important component under distance education.

Assignment Work

Since the interaction of learners and teachers are very less in distance education. Assignment & Project works builds a two-way communication between learners and teachers, It is not only important, but an essential component to determine the learners writing skill abilities and the level of understanding. The assignment question papers are provided to each learner and they are required to submit within the stipulated time, assignments are assessed by a faculty member.